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Jade Suites - Luxury Boutique Hotel

An oasis of comfort and tranquility in every room, nostalgic flavours and spices of authentic Andhra with every spoon, and spacious banquets to celebrate special occasions while dancing to your favorite tune.

Jade Suites, a 33-key Luxury Boutique Hotel, is introducing a unique brand of comfort to the vibrant city of Vijayawada. At Jade Suites, we value the importance of family and belonging. We offer you a home away from home, where you can connect with loved ones, celebrate happy moments in life, find comfort in stressful times and make memories that last a lifetime.

It’s time to make our home YOURS!

Rooms & Suites

We invite you to choose from any of our striking rooms and suites, where stunning regal décor is perfectly balanced with earthy, local aesthetics. Jade Suites is designed to be your oasis of comfort, complimented by top-notch amenities and unmatched service. Rest assured, our rooms are what You want them to be – a home away from home or an entirely new experience that makes you forget home.
We go the extra mile for you to experience extra!

Banquets & Conferences

Jade Banquets offer Comprehensive Conferencing and Event Venues that can accommodate any occasion, be it for Weddings and Celebrations, Corporate Retreats and Meetings, or any Personal Events and Gatherings. Our thoughtfully designed spaces can be transformed to meet your every expectation. The Rose Room, Hibiscus Hall and Lavender Lounge at Jade Suites are perfectly equipped to make your events every bit as special as you hoped!

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The flavours you grew up with, prepared the way our ancestors did! Imagine you are sitting down for a meal with your loved ones — surrounded by an aesthetically designed space with the lush green outdoors spilling in to treat your eyes — when the rich aromas of freshly made biriyani reach you to make your mouth water.

Why imagine, when you can experience?

Situated at the heart of Jade Suites Vijayawada is our powerhouse - Andhra Canteen. Taste the nostalgic flavours of home combined with an exciting twist, prepared by veteran chefs. At our 120-cover restaurant, you can enjoy the delight of our unique A-La-Carte menu filled to the brim with local varieties while being treated to a multi-sensory experience. If you decide to stay at Jade Suites for longer than planned, we’ll know it’s because of the food!